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Fitness Pilates places the principles of the Pilates techniques and exercises developed by Joseph Pilates in to a contemporary and modern format.  Through Pilates exercise and breathing, muscle imbalance, posture and movement quality are improved,  flexibility  and core strength enhanced and mood uplifted. All these benefits are felt in daily life as well as in sport and other forms of exercise.

My classes are suitable for all levels and are taught in a very welcoming and accessible style.

My online subscription includes a great variety of workouts with particular emphasis on Fitness Pilates. Contact me for details


Mixed Ability class Tuesdays 10 am   

Better, Morden Leisure Centre SM4 5HE

Contact centre for bookings

Yoga Mats



Hear What Others Have to Say

The exercises you gave me for my lower back pain worked miracles for me. Thanks for detecting what the problem was.

One to To One

Whenever I attend  Nancy's Saturday classes, I am guaranteed an intense, energetic, creative session filled with fun and creativity, It really sets you up for the weekend.
Clemence R

Body Conditioning

 Pilates classes with Nancy have been brilliant - she tailors all the activities to our specific needs, as well as our childrens'! I have brought my  new born along and my 3 year old and, despite the many distractions they bring, I still get a great workout thanks to Nancy's excellent tuition' 

Harriet W

Mums and Tots Pilates

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