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Eat Your Microgreens!

During lock down, anxiety and plain boredom can get in the way of eating healthily. That's where microgreens can help as they stimulate the taste buds and pack a powerful nutritional punch too. Beloved by chefs as an appealing garnish, micro greens are very easy to grow at home on your windowsill or in the garden. But what exactly are they?! They are vegetable or herbs harvested soon after germination, grown in a medium, such as soil or on coir mats, and the first two leaves, the cotyledons, are allowed to form, The plants are harvested just above soil level leaving the remains of the seed and the roots behind. Foodies love them for their exceptional flavours, usually much stronger and more distinct than their mature counterparts. In addition, for those in search of an organic and plant based diet, they contain a great supply of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Check out Hampshire based Lusso Leaf ( for more information and delivery options.

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