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Finding The Right Workout Gear

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Currently in lock down (again!) is tough going on many scores of course but at least home workouts and online classes are going strong as we have adjusted to our changing circumstances. It’s pretty obvious from my posts on Instagram for example and the range of classes I offer including Buggy Beat and post natal fitness that I am a huge advocate of family fitness sessions - however curtailed and chaotic they may be with little ones running around you as you try to fit in just 15 minutes of yoga or weights.

Something that gets me motivated to start my exercise each morning is to have whatever I need easily to hand - mat, weights, resistance band for example and my workout gear. For example, this Freddie Bee Luxe top from Bandit Bee is perfect for yoga, Pilates and for simply feeling rather gorgeous around the house - the soft fabric keeps its shape really well - love the loose luxurious feel the thumb holes and the cute signature bee on the wrist.

Check out the Bandit Bee range of sportswear and use my code for 5% discount LavenderBlue

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