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Launching my new online programme

At the end of January 2020, I will be launching my first fully #online fitness subscription. I am offering an amazing deal as it will include a weekly full body workout, mini tutorials on how to perform key exercises safely and effectively as well as lots of nutritional and training tips featuring women's health, exercise in menopause, #Pilates for sports. mini workouts with your children and much more.

I love group exercise but home #workouts are brilliant because you are not limited to a particular class or place; you can do your workout if you are travelling or missing the gym due to family or work commitments. In addition, short and targeted sessions can be just as effective as longer workouts so you can get it done and on with your day. I work out each morning before I have time to even think too much about it and I feel so much better for just 10 -15 minutes concentrated exercise, sometimes with weights and always with a #stretch at the end. I find it gives me more energy and just boosts my mood

If you want to know more about my exciting new programme, just leave a comment or contact me on

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