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Lock Down Got You Down?

We are about to go in to lock down again and this time its November - harder to enjoy our gardens and parks in the damp cold autumn weather and shorter days.

We face the effects on our mental health again and will be missing so much that is important to us.

I am not saying that regular exercise will make it all 'alright' but I would say lets keep up our fitness goals as far as possible as we really need to exercise our minds and bodies for overall wellness. Fortunately, many of us have established networks online and have embraced 'zoom' for teaching and keeping in contact with colleagues, friends and family. I will be adding to my online classes, making sure I get outdoors every day for a walk or bike ride with my little boy and trying very hard to prepare as many healthy meals as possible - it will not be easy but we have done it before and our ingenuity and adaptability will see us through.

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