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Online Fitness Challenge

My 5 day New Year Fitness Challenge group started on 2nd January and it's great to get the comments and feedback from the participants who are really going for it. I love teaching group exercise and nothing beats the vibe of a buzzing class but I know sometimes getting to class or finding the right class at a time that suits you is tough. This is where home workouts come in - I have now got into the habit of doing a short but effective home workout first thing in the morning which is the time that works best for me and I then know my workout is done and I can get in with my day really motivated . For functional fitness, daily targeted activity just makes sense and can be much more beneficial than less frequent longer sessions. Boost your metabolism, improve your strength, mobility and mindset and join the challenge!

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Nancy Englefield
Nancy Englefield
Jan 10, 2020

So glad - thanks for all your feedback and comments / so helpful


Unknown member
Jan 04, 2020

Great idea, great videos, great vibes, I definitely enjoyed it! Thanks ! 💫💓

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