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Strengthen As You Lengthen - the unique Beauty of Pilates

This week I am featuring a great article by Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Tim Ellis who runs Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness in Sydney; he kindly contributed this piece on the benefits of Pilates in recovery from injury and in daily life

The Benefits of Pilates  I have worked as a Physiotherapist for over twenty years, first in London and now in Sydney where I own a practice which includes a Pilates studio. We help our rehab clients with hands on treatment but always progress to active management. I have found that using the Pilates principles, on the mat or on the reformers, to be an invaluable asset to my treatment programs. Regular Pilates, be in class or backed up at home, creates an unshakable core of strength through hips, pelvis and abdominal region that all our clients can benefit from. Pilates has a unique way of improving strength AS our muscles are lengthening, in all the planes of movement; up, down, side to side or rotation. The 'strengthen as you lengthen' approach is difficult to achieve in other exercise programs. With dedicated Pilates practice, the core improves and participants feel taller, lighter and stronger. There really is a tangible benefit and within 10 sessions our  students universally report that they feel better. They look better too! Less stooped and therefore younger.  I have been doing Pilates myself for seven years now and I would never stop. I feel well balanced in my body, in fact I feel stronger and more stable through my core than ever before. In the real world I feel better able to move in all sorts of situations, be that playing tennis, bush walking, rock climbing or just negotiating the pavements and tube system! Pilates is a real plus for our practice and helps us deliver more than just physio, it helps us to improve our clients' overall  health and wellness which is why we will continue to offer it. I cannot recommend Pilates highly enough.  Tim Ellis BA, BSc, MHSc Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, and owner of Exel Physioterhapy and Wellness in Sydney.

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